Aston Martin Classics


Classic Aston Martins 

Classic Aston Martins are perhaps one of the most iconic British Sports Cars. The Aston Martin is the go-to when you think of a quintessentially unique British classic; shortly after that, you go to James Bond and the DB5! Either way, there is no denying this is as important to the British identity as the Queen! 

Vintage Aston Martins

Classic Aston Martins, also known as Vintage Aston Martins - This has a dual meaning; in the first instance, it means the car that exceeds 40 years old, but it can equally refer to an Aston Martin that has the classic Aston styling and contours. Vintage Aston Martins may not be true classics yet! However, they exhibit the characteristics that we know and love. 

Aston Martin classics for sale

As Aston Martin Dealers, we have a selection of inventory at any time, so if you are looking for classic Aston Martins to buy, then Stratton Motor Company can undoubtedly help you. It does not matter if you are outside of the UK. We will ship overseas, providing Vehicle sourcing and consignment


Are Aston Martins good cars?

Aston Martins are good cars, and like any car buying a great one is important. When you buy from SMC, often we have been involved with the Car and know it! Some of the Vintage Astons we have on sale, SMC sold new from nearly 50-years ago...


How reliable are Aston Martins?

The new Aston Martins are comparable with any new luxury car, and Aston has focused on shifting this perspective of the cars being unreliable. Should you choose to consider buying an Aston from SMC, then you can be assured that our Aston approved Mechanics will have worked on the machine and as such when we sell you a beautiful Aston you can be confident that it is likely to be one of the best on offer. 


Where can I buy Aston Martin parts and accessories?

From Stratton Motor Company, not only are we able to service your Aston, we are also able to supply parts and accessories to adorn your pride and joy. 


Can you repair or respray Aston Martins?

We are one of few insurers approved repair shops for Aston Martin. The team ad the workshop is specially equipped to provide the exceptional finishes that are expected from these incredible 

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