What is Lotus’ most famous car?

Lotus Esprit Series 1 James Bond

In this article, we identify what Lotus’ most famous car is and why it’s famous. we also look at why the Lotus brand is famous and what is famous for. Which Lotus is the most famous car? Depending on your knowledge of Lotus Cars, this may or may not surprise you but the most famous…

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What are the benefits of a convertible car?

Few can argue the desire for a convertible car in the current weather! We often envy the driver as they cruise past top down and wind in their hair.  If you are considering buying a convertible car, what are the benefits? Are there any drawbacks and what should you consider when thinking about buying a…

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Is an Aston Martin a good investment?

Yes, if you buy carefully, an Aston Martin can be an excellent investment. Some Aston Martins appreciate in value, meaning that your investment can grow in the right model and vehicle.  We do not guarantee this but our team can help you to purchase wisely.   What makes an Aston Martin a good investment? The…

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Where to go for Bentley Restoration

bentley restoration

Do you have a vintage Bentley that needs a restorer? Well, you are in the right place, Stratton Motor Company provide classic and vintage Bentley restoration in their Norfolk premises. Our team of experts will help you choose the right methods and approaches to get the right outcome for you. Bentley Restoration Services Our Bentley…

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Morgan Cars for sale UK

used morgan cars for sale UK - 1983-Morgan-Two-Seater

You can find Morgan Cars for sale in the UK, in fact, Stratton Motor Company is widely respected as a used Morgan Dealer. We adore these British classics and they are certainly a showroom highlight. Stratton Motor Company also service Morgans from across the UK, many of those we sold and under different owners because…

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Who buys Classic Cars?

Dealers buy classic cars  Like us! Stratton Motor Company near Norwich are always looking for great inventory. As a prestige and classic car dealer, Stratton Motors can help you sell your classic car or perhaps you are looking for us to find you a vehicle?   We buy classic cars. We source classic cars We can…

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Norfolk Performance Car Sales

Classic And Performance Car Sales Norfolk Specialising in classic and performance car sales – Few can boast the almost 50-year trading history of Stratton Motor Company. In fact, when Roger set up the business back in 1972, little did he know that 49 years on his business would be so highly regarded by enthusiasts and…

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Who has a Caparo T1 for Sale?

  The Caparo, a true British mid-engine, two-seater sports car. Caparo Vehicle Technologies, founded by design director Ben Scott-Geddes, engineering director Graham Halstead. Sean Butcher, the marketing director and financier, worked on the Maclaren F1.  With an expected production cycle of 25 cars per year, was a waiting list for these reasonably priced sports cars -…

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New Lotus Emira


We are pleased to bring you a look at the New Lotus Emira – What a beauty. This car is a fantastic addition to the Lotus range. If you would like to know more, please give the team a call we are a Lotus Dealership

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Goodwood Festival of Speed

  SMC is @fosgoodwood taking a look @lotuscars and their beautiful new #lotusemira along with its bigger brother the #lotusevija – Stratton Motor company is a Lotus Dealership

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