Why it is important to customise cars for our customers?

Custom Lotus Evora

With a growing number of UK entrepreneurs making it big, wealth is abundant in younger audiences. Our customers are getting more youthful and bringing an apparent change in demands. This change is for more customisation, requiring cars to be uniquely configured and customised to exacting standards.  In this article, we look at some of the…

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Exclusive Motor Trade Jobs Norfolk!

View Job Descriptions here Are you a Vehicle Technician or a Bodyshop Technician? If you are an exceptional Vehicle Technician or Bodyshop Technician then consider getting in touch with Stratton Motor Company. But why should you get in touch? We are one of the few serious specialist car dealers in the area and with a…

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What cars are modern classics?

Defined as follows, modern classics are any car that has been produced in the ’80s, 90s or ’00s that has an impressive following. Cars like the popular hot hatches such as Golfs and Peugeot 205’s spring to mind for many; however, when you are talking about sports cars or prestige cars, then it is cars…

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Is a Lotus a good car?

A popular question, one which we will help answer in this article. We cover the key questions and things to be aware of generally with Lotus ownership. If you have specific questions please speak with our sales team on 01508 530491 We review ‘is a Lotus a good car’ based on: Reliability Price Performance Style …

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Lotus Exige for sale UK


The Lotus Exige makes its final appearance on production lines in December 2021. Production for the Lotus Exige has now ceased. Final production tweet from official Lotuscars Lotus Exige for sale Stratton Motors has a range of Lotus Cars for Sale on our Lotus Sales page, here you will find our latest Lotus stock. We…

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How do you store an old car for the winter?


Classic Car Storage Norfolk, Winter Covered None of us wants to put away our favourite classic car for the winter months, but we understand that salty roads and classic motors do not mix, especially icy roads and penetrating muck. Whether its a classic Bentley or special Aston Martin  How do you prepare a classic car…

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Aston Martin Classics


Classic Aston Martins  Classic Aston Martins are perhaps one of the most iconic British Sports Cars. The Aston Martin is the go-to when you think of a quintessentially unique British classic; shortly after that, you go to James Bond and the DB5! Either way, there is no denying this is as important to the British…

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First SMC car run of the year

Classic lotus, norfolk

We had our first SMC car run of the year last night. It was great to be able to host one of these events again after not being able to hold any in 2020. With 20 cars in attendance, we were pleased to see some familiar friendly faces and we hope those that were there…

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A very special milestone with Alan Thomson

Yesterday we celebrated a very special milestone with Alan Thomson. Alan turned 100 on the 16th June so our Managing Director Roger, and our Marketing Director Kate took an Aston Martin DB11 over to spend a bit of time with him. Alan loves Aston Martin, particularly the DB11 so this was a very fitting birthday…

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