Bentley Continental GT Service

bentley continental gt service cost

Bentley Continental GT Service Cost varies between garages, of course, and locations. 

At Stratton Motor Company, we pride ourselves on providing quality Bentley service and attention to detail. So many of our customers brought their Bentleys from us, and it is great to see them back, sharing how much they love their cars.    


How much is a Bentley Continental GT Service Cost?

A Bentley Continental GT service cost is just £599 with fixed price servicing. If you are interested in a fixed-cost service, then visit our Bentley Fixed Price service page, where there is more information. 

Bentley Continental GT Service Cost UK

In the UK, under the fixed price service, this is £599. 

For your information, this would translate to the following guide prices:

  • GBP: £599
  • EUR: €710
  • USD: $820


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What are the Bentley Continental GT Service Intervals?

Bentley Continental GT service intervals are every 10,000 or 12 months. It is vital to ensure that your car is maintained within these periods for warrantees. It also helps to keep the best resale value for your vehicle, but it also reduces engine wear.  

With the fixed price service Stratton Motor Company perform an Oil and filter change. We replace dust and pollen filters, wiper blades, key fob batteries and complete a full diagnostic test and report. In addition to this, we check brake pads and discs, brake fluid level, suspension, steering, fuel system, cooling system and hoses. Finally, further tests and checks are carried out on all the exterior and interior lighting, the internal warning lamps and the car's onboard diagnostic system, with a report on the tyre pressure monitors and the vehicles battery status.

What is the Bentley continental gt 0-60

A standard Continental GT with the standard W12 motor is capable of 0-60mph in 4.3-seconds. It will also run on to an impressive top speed of 198mph. The V8 takes a mere 4.6 seconds to 60mph, while the V8 S matches the W12 for 0-60mph but is 6mph behind, with a top speed of 192mph, still with incredible performance.

Buy Bentley Continental GT

If you are interested in buying a Bentley Continental GT then our team at Stratton Motor Company Norwich would be happy to discuss available cars. We can look to secure you a specific Model, colour or specification, using our car-sourcing service if you would prefer. 

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