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DB6 Sill Replacement


This DB6 came in for a routine service and MOT. It was found to have corroded inner sills; the procedure to replace these is quite in depth, as detailed below.

Firstly the doors are removed and a strengthening brace is fitted as the car will lose its tensional stiffness during sill replacement, and also the door gaps may close/open up.

The outer sills are then carefully cut away midway between the bottom edge of the sill and the side strake. Once the outer sills are removed the amount of work can then be assessed on the inner sills.

On this occasion the complete inner sills needed to be removed and new sills fabricated. Once the new sills are made they are then clamped into position using mini ‘g’ clamps and plug welded into place being careful not to get too much heat into the panel so the sill does not distort. Once secured into place the sills are then seam welded.

The same procedure is followed when refitting the outer sills, welding in different places to prevent heat distortion.

On completion of all welding and fabricating the repaired areas are covered with stopper and flatted back. The area is then masked as required and prepared and primed.

The next stage is to rub down primed repairs and surrounding coloured areas on panels, remask and paint over repairs and surrounding prepared areas blending colour base coat as required in two to three cover coats. When dry, spray two coats of clear coat. Once flashed off bake complete vehicle at 60 degrees Celsius for 1 hour and finally flat and compound polish all paintwork on completion.


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