Which Lotus Car is the Electric Lotus?

Lotus developed the Lotus Evija, this signalled their power surge into the new and exciting electric car market, which in the forthcoming years will become the dominant market for high specification modern sports cars.

Image Source: LotusCars.com
Image Source: LotusCars.com

Is the Lotus Evija electric?

The Lotus Evija is electric, and it has a battery that requires mains electricity for charging the car. It is Lotus' first Electric car; it was Unveiled in July 2019. According to Wiki, production of the Lotus Evija is limited to 130 units.

How many electric cars does Lotus have?

At present, there is one, the Evija, but on 31 Aug 2021, Lotus were reported to have confirmed four new electric cars, including two SUVs with a goal production date of 2026, according to Auto Express


Is Lotus only producing electric cars?

"Lotus Cars will only produce electric cars by the “late 2020s,” CEO Matt Windle

Production of their Elise, Evora and Exige ceased in December 2021. So, yes, they join the ranks of other automakers and have committed to battery power, focusing exclusively on their electric cars! This is a huge and important shift for Lotus as it continues to reinvent and innovate under the Geeley Group.

Are Electric Lotus Cars any good?

When you think about the benefits to the environment while still providing the performance of a supercar, the answer should become clear. Yes, they are excellent, especially the high-end Lotus sportscars. One of the most important features of the Lotus brand is aesthetics, and these cars are incredible. If you are interested in if a Lotus is a good Car, we cover this here.


Image Source: LotusCars.com


How much is the new lotus electric car?

The EVIJA is a cool 2.04million and requires a 250,000 deposit - Lotus confirm the 4-wheel drive car will 0-60 in less than 3-seconds, achieve 186 in less than 9-seconds and reach a top speed of over 200mph... Staggering and stunning!


Russell Carr said:

"The Lotus Evija is a true Lotus, in that it elegantly balances stunning aesthetic forms with ingenious technical solutions to create a beautiful car with innovative design features. It will re-establish our brand on the global automotive stage and pave the way for further visionary models."


The Future

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