Is a Lotus a good car?

A popular question, one which we will help answer in this article. We cover the key questions and things to be aware of generally with Lotus ownership. If you have specific questions please speak with our sales team on 01508 530491

We review 'is a Lotus a good car' based on:

  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Style 
  • Running costs 

Is a Lotus car reliable?

We see and speak with lots of Lotus owners every week as Stratton Motor Company service Lotus Cars. We also have an inventory of Lotus Cars for Sale. We think that they are reliable and a well maintained Lotus is a great car! Don't just take our word for it, though, a survey of Lotus owners rates the Elise 4.8 or of 5 (88% of owners recommend a Lotus Elise to a friend)

Is a Lotus car expensive?

This is very much a perspective, it is better to consider, are Lotus cars value for money? This article will help you draw your own conclusion. SMC sell lots of cars ranging from Audi's all the way to Ferrari and Maclaren's. Lotus' are a fantastic car with many enthusiasts buying them as a second car. Lotus often become the lead-in sportscar, meaning that for some Sportscar owners their first foray into sportscar ownership is with a Lotus. We believe for the style, speed and fun factor Lotus' are not an expensive car.

Is a Lotus car fast?

Yes, they are fast; most Lotus cars are built with a light frame and body, meaning despite a modest engine size, some examples use a 1.6/1.8L engine the power to weight ratio means that these cars are fantastic. An example of this performance is the Lotus Elise; according to Lotus, it has a 0-60 speed of 4.2 seconds and a staggering top speed of 140, which is plenty in the UK.


Is a Lotus car expensive to run?

Comparatively, the Lotus running costs are low depending on the model and year the engine may come from Rover or later they used the DOHC Toyota ZZ engine with a Yamaha designed twin-cam head. The Toyota engine provided a faster top speed and perhaps some might argue more reliability. Stratton Motor Company provide Lotus servicing and a Lotus service package, which allows you to manage a lower monthly amount.


Is a Lotus a stylish car?

The style is renowned and iconic if you take the Lotus Elise this is widely respected as one of the modern classics! The Lotus Evora pictured at the top of this page is an incredible car, the Evora, Elise, Emira have now ceased production which may make these stylish cars, that bit more desirable, it is worth considering these nippy sportscars, the body styling, aerodynamics and body styling are on par with cars 5x the price. The smooth lines, flared arches, shapely front and lighting clusters do make these cars stand out.


Is a lotus car easy to Restore?

Perhaps you are looking for a restoration project? If you are and you are looking for a good car, then a Lotus is a great option, as an approved restorer and spray shop, for many leading insurers, you cannot be in better hands. Many of our service engineers are Lotus trained and used to working on these amazing cars. They can be fairly easy to restore and that is why care like the Elise, Elan and Lotus Seven's are so popular.



We have established that a well maintained Lotus is reliable, that compared to other sportscars they are value for money, we have confirmed that due to size and weight ratio, they are fast and that with our service plan, running costs can be maintained. If you are seriously considering a Lotus, we recommend that you do your research and you should also speak to professionals, our team here at Stratton Motor Company will be very happy to share our knowledge and advice, or if you need help finding a car we provide Lotus vehicle sourcing. Our final word is that a Lotus is a car you can be proud of and it represents a strong heritage in British history, with the base in Norwich we are seeing some fantastic changes and improvements to the new Lotus'.