Lotus Eletre Electric SUV revealed

In a continued commitment to going electric-only, December 2021, saw the final production of the Elise, Exige and Evora, we now find the exciting launch of the Lotus Eletre Electric SUV.

New Lotus, is a very different business to the traditional one that had perhaps been ailing in years past, and a stark comparison to the evolution shown by the new owners.

The Lotus Eletre Electric SUV hails the purge to green credentials and high-performance, these are highly-appealing cars. The Electric SUV is an attractive, high-performance vehicle that will give others in its class real competition.


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Is the Eletre Lotus' first SUV?

Yes, the Eletre is the first foray into SUVs for Lotus, it is their first SUV.

Stratton Motor Company is proud of our long-standing association with Lotus Norwich as many other Lotus dealerships have seen the status change in the last 12-months. We pride ourselves in being able to continue and provide Lotus Servicing and Lotus Sales.

We have an inventory of high-spec Lotus cars and will remain an advocate of classic Lotus, with our parts portal and restoration services.

So if you are not quite ready for an electric Lotus but love the brand, why not speak with our team here at Stratton Motors to help you with your needs.

Is the Lotus Eletre electric?

Yes, the Eletre is electric, it forms part of the new emergence of green electric cars for Lotus.

How fast is the new Lotus Eletre SUV?

160mph is the advertised top speed for the Lotus Eletre

How many miles can the Eletre go?


370 is the range confirmed by Lotus for the Lotus Eletre

Image source - lotuscars.com/en-GB/eletre/