Why You Should Buy A Classic Lotus Car

Lotus Elise 220 Sport 6

Lotus classic cars—All cars age and require maintenance. The good thing about a Lotus versus a sports car like a TVR Tuscan is that the parts are less scarce and tend to be a little more cost-effective than rare car models that could require high-end engineering to manufacture one-off pieces or the reconditioning process that can cause hours of cost to be added.


With 50 years of trading Stratton Motor Company has seen many of its earliest Lotus sales return as classics. This also means that we know the owners and then cars history too. Lotus cars are one of our favourite brands, and you will always find a healthy stock of modern Classics and older Lotus cars available for sale.

Stratton GT Evora Limited Edition (2017) (Car No: 2) VAT Qualifying

We even have our own limited edition Stratton Lotus cars for sale, which were built. Especially for Stratton Motor Company with limited edition styling and features making them a great investment for the future.


What makes a Lotus a good classic car?

As a sports car, Lotus cars are highly desirable, which makes them good classic cars. In Norfolk, there is a large following for these fantastic vehicles. Thanks to great staff offers, loyalty to the brand and visibility. Norfolk is also a good place to buy classic Lotus because if it spent most of its life here, it's been used on relatively flat roads with little congestion or hard work.


Older Lotus models (Lotus classics) also tend to be relatively small which works in their favour because they're easy to store in a traditional home garage, making them a more accessible car for many.


However, Stratton Motor Company also offers long-term car storage, and some of our customers are Lotus enthusiasts.

Why do Stratton Motor Company Recommend A Lotus Classic Car?

We recommend Lotus cars because of our familiarity with all models new and old and our team's incredible experience with servicing, repairs and parts sourcing. It makes for a really good service and a positive experience because there's little we've ever come up against with Lotus cars that we weren't able to remedy with our extensive experience and team of craftsman and engineers.


Five simple reasons to buy a classic Lotus

1) They are a fantastic example of a British sports car synonymous with heritage and excitement.


2) Thanks for being a relatively small car. They're very practical for typical garage storage and are easy to transport.


3) Because of their smaller size and lighter chassis Lotus cars tend to be quick, A smaller engine and this results in slightly lower running costs versus a larger heavier sports car.


4) Popularity and accessibility to parts means that repairs and servicing can also be relatively competitive versus other vehicles.


5) There are a large range of models available with different finishes colours and customisations meaning that you will find the perfect Lotus for you and your style.


Which Lotus makes a good classic car? 

Choosing the right Lotus model for your needs can be more difficult than finding one, so it is very important that you contact our team and let them help you through the process of finding the right car for your needs. 

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It is fair to include that Lotus classic cars alright worthwhile consideration when looking for a modern classic or a classic sports car. The following and enthusiasm for lotus. Means that they are good cars to own, nurture and eventually resell as well as competitive with their running costs and maintenance. If you are considering venturing into the classic sports car market then a lotus could be a grey car for you.


It is worth taking the time to come in and see us and speak to the team, and we will partner you with the best option for your budget and your experience with classic vehicles if you are looking for something special our team are also happy to source vehicles to your specification through our network of dealers connections and prior customers.