What are the benefits of a convertible car?

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Few can argue the desire for a convertible car in the current weather! We often envy the driver as they cruise past top down and wind in their hair. 

If you are considering buying a convertible car, what are the benefits? Are there any drawbacks and what should you consider when thinking about buying a convertible car?

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Why are convertible cars popular?

Convertibles are popular on the continent and in the US. They have a big following in the UK, but why? 

  • They are rarer than regular cars, and fewer are made as they are non-standard.
  • Often the convertible cars are special run options which appeal to enthusiasts.
  • The styling and interiors are often higher spec to survive the weather.
  • Normally the demand outstrips the production.
  • Some cars lend themselves to convertible options better than others.
  • Normally successful standard ranges will release a standout convertible model, like the 90's hot hatches Golf GTI and Peugeot GTI.

Where can you buy convertible cars in the UK?

Stratton Motor Company carry a good stock of convertibles, both soft top and hard top. We can also help you source convertible cars.


What is a soft top Convertible?

A soft top is a slang term often given to the traditional canvas style convertible car like the Morgan.


What is a hard-top convertible? 

 A hard top convertible is a convertible car with a solid composite style top, it benefits from the thermal improvement during colder months and security enhancements over a soft top.  


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What are the benefits of a convertible car? 

This depends on your choice of brand, model, year and specification of course, but we would suggest broadly speaking, the principal benefits include:

List of benefits 

  • Improved specifications
  • Increased desirability
  • Limited runs
  • Increased value
  • Superb as your weekend car
  • Ideal for collectors
  • Perceived as more aspirational
  • Future appreciation potential

Brands we sell that have a convertible car 


What are the drawbacks of a convertible car? 

If the car is not correctly maintained, water ingress and other moisture can affect the car's interior, and any electrics and other sensors can be impeded. The insurance can be higher because, as mentioned above, the cars are often more desirable, fewer are made, and often the specifications are improved, so replacing, preparing and restoring a vehicle can be more difficult.

They can be colder in winter, there is an amount of maintenance required for the fabrics and hood. But then Stratton Motor Company also offer Norfolk Car Storage.

Overall we love the Soft-tops, and if you have on-site storage, then just consider why you would not go and get a fabulous convertible.