What cars are modern classics?

Defined as follows, modern classics are any car that has been produced in the '80s, 90s or '00s that has an impressive following. Cars like the popular hot hatches such as Golfs and Peugeot 205's spring to mind for many; however, when you are talking about sports cars or prestige cars, then it is cars like the Porche 911 and the Lotus Elise.

If you are interested in securing a good example of a modern classic car, then our team will be happy to help you select the right car, specification and brand to give you the best chance of seeing some appreciation. Some cars like some Aston Martins, do appreciate as they get older, and you can make a good investment if you know how to maintain a car as it becomes rarer or more valuable. The team at Stratton Motor Company are very happy to help you maintain your modern classic and we provide parts and servicing as needed, we even offer car storage.


Lotus Service Option 1

What cars will be collectable in the future?

It is easy to predict this from the popularity of a model however we also recommend that you consider the market desire, the groups and the following. Are many being shown at meets presently?

How to choose what car is going to be a future classic?

Deciding what car is going to be a modern classic is the job of experienced automotive professionals, often based on years of experience and sometimes opinions can change, so even professionals can get it wrong.


Here are seven ways to help you identify a modern classic.

  1. How was the car received on launch, was it with praise  - A popular car will tend to remain popular beyond ceasing production. This gives it the best chance of becoming considered a modern classic.
  2. How long was the production of the car? Sometimes longer production suggests popularity and following, but also a smaller run car can become a modern classic based on its rarity.
  3. How strong is the brand affiliation, is there some heritage do the public love the brand?
  4. Did the brand release special cars or limited run options? Limited options will always increase interest and demand.
  5. Are the parts accessible in order to maintain the car as it matures or becomes a modern classic? It is important that they are not so rare it is impossible to maintain your car well.
  6. Have you the funds to risk if this does not appreciate in the future. Unless you have funds to spare, it is always recommended that like stocks and shares you be prepared for value changes.
  7. Does the car have good service history and ownership record? Any good care that has a good care history is more valuable to the market. This is good practice for buying any car.

Will the Lotus Evora become a modern classic?

Let us apply the previous theory to see if we can work this out if the Lotus Evora will



How was it received on launch?

Well, and set out the evolution of the modern Lotus.

How long was the production? 

Over a decade some 11 years

How strong is the brand affiliation?

Lotus is an accessible sports car brand and often helps enthusiasts to enter the sports car foray.

Did the brand release special cars?

In this picture you see the Evora GTE SB1, this is a special edition, Evora, for SMC from Lotus and represents the final production stages for the Evora.

Are the parts accessible?

Yes, Stratton Motor Company have a Lotus Parts Portal, designed to make sourcing Lotus parts that bit more accessible.

Have you the funds to risk?

Only you know this, but we would only recommend living without your means. Therefore do not take too much risk, as sometimes getting it wrong can be costly.

Does the car have a good service history?

This is important with any car, the Evora you see pictured was a special order from Lotus. Once production is finished, the car becomes more desirable.


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