What is Lotus’ most famous car?

In this article, we identify what Lotus' most famous car is and why it's famous. we also look at why the Lotus brand is famous and what is famous for.

Which Lotus is the most famous car?

Depending on your knowledge of Lotus Cars, this may or may not surprise you but the most famous Lotus car is the Lotus Esprit. This car was produced from 1976 to 2004.


Lotus Esprit Series 1 James Bond

Lotus Esprit Series 1 James Bond - Source kumparan.com

Why is the Lotus Esprit the most famous Lotus?

The answer is that it was featured in the iconic James Bond Film, "The Spy Who Loved Me" What is interesting however is that our own Jonathan Becker is linked to this via his Dad who actually drove the car for the movie. We have covered this in an earlier article so if you want to read more, see this Lotus article.

It was the most famous Lotus because it was used in the Movie, it had the classic shape of similar cars of that time such as the Ferrari and Lamborghini while appearing amphibious in the movie, which stayed in the hearts and minds of many globally.

What made Lotus the Brand famous?

Of course, the feature in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me, did not hurt the brand's image and notoriety, but it was also for the mid-engine design which was so popular in the racing circles.

Lotus has also been known as an innovator and over the years they have completed brand partnerships which also elevated the brand such as the Lotus Carlton. This took the popular Vauxhall Carlton and added some Lotus Perzaz, producing less than a thousand of these Carlton and Omega cars in the 1990s.

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