Where to buy Lotus Parts Online

In this article, we look at the main ways people can source parts for lotus and how to do this online.

  • Looking for parts online
  • Classic Lotus parts
  • Looking for an online catalogue

In days past, it was more difficult to find parts, you'd need to ring the brand directly or use a specific parts company, nowadays there is more online, but how do you know that the parts are genuine? It is much more difficult and non-genuine parts can cause real problems for your car. Lotus like Stratton Motor Company only recommends genuine parts, which have been made under license because this meets the original manufacturers' specifications. 

Looking for lotus parts online?

If the answer is yes then Stratton Motor Company can help. We have an online Lotus parts portal which you can use to purchase parts directly, without the need to speak with us. However, if you'd prefer to check on anything we are here to help.


In the past websites we unreliable and often insecure, you had to ask am I doing the right thing here. Well, we've been in business for more than 50 years so you are in safe hands.


Classic lotus parts

Classic lotus parts can be more difficult to source, but our team regularly completes Lotus restoration projects. So we are used to finding the tricky parts that can be more elusive.

Many of the classics we look after and see through our Lotus Servicing are cars we sold years ago and although they may have seen 1 or 2 owners we've kept the records on the car... We love the loyalty our owners show and this means that we are doing a great job for our customers.

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We have an online lotus parts catalogue

The problem with a parts catalogue is often with newer models things change and if parts are no longer being made for example, then you need to know this. We believe an inline catalogue is better than a printed one because it means the information is the latest available.


If you are looking to view the parts online, then use our Lotus parts portal. This online parts website is dedicated to helping you to find the parts you need to complete your project, be it a restoration, maintenance or upgrade, everything is available to search on the parts portal.