Which Prestige Car Has The Best Seats?

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Car seats are difficult to judge. Often it takes hours in the car before you understand how comfortable your car seats are. In this article, we look at various sources to uncover the features to look out for if you are looking for a comfortable chair. We also discuss types of prestige cars and how each is pitched differently, and what this means to you, the consumer. 

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How to quickly summarise car seats and what to watch for


Classic Car Seats

Classic seats range from soft but basic traditional seating to even more basic bench seats. Things to look out for are weakened springs and support from the padding. They can be more uncomfortable due to the change in the average person's size 50 years on. With generational height changes, seats become smaller. 

Sports Car Seats 

The stance of a sports car is generally lower, so getting in and out of a sports car can be more challenging. Sports cars tend to use high-performance bucket seats, and these have less padding and higher sides. Traditionally they were similar to racing car seats and made from compressed composite materials to keep them light. Modern bucket seats can include more padding, and some sports tourers use a more embellished version of the bucket styling. 

Grand Tourer Seats 

These can include a nod to the high-performance bucket but are typically more luxurious and ergonomic, with aesthetic appeal and more exciting materials, such as leather, suede and mixed fabric finished often pipped with highlight colours. Things to look out for are miss-shaping on the seats, and sometimes materials provide less support, especially if a larger frame has sat in the chair for many hours. It is worth noting that grand tourer classics will face some of the same issues as traditional classic car seating above. 


How can I make my car seat more comfortable with back pain? 

  1. Ensure the seat height should be as high as your knees.
  2. Recline your seat to a comfortable position. 
  3. Find a comfortable place to hold the steering wheel
  4. Find a supportive cushion or lumbar support

What else? 

Part of the issue with back pain and sitting is that you are sitting in a position for a prolonged time that is not typical for your day-to-day activity. Pulling your shoulders back will encourage slight straightening of the spine. However, the best thing you can do after trying the above is some functional fitness. These exercises help promote strength in your regular movements, for lower back hinged movements and body weight exercises can help - Companies like Mirafit supply exercise equipment, and for a relatively low cost, you can improve your functional fitness.


So what features should I look for? 

  • It should recline.
  • It has lumbar support, if possible. 
  • Has a headrest
  • An armrest can help too
  • Does not curve your shoulders
  • It is made from supportive materials
  • There is not too much wear unless it's a classic


Can you replace my seats? 

Stratton Motor Company can help you to source, match or replace your current seats and advise you on the best way to proceed with your seating issues. Our team has links to suppliers, and we hold close relations with most manufacturers. So, if you are looking for seat reconditioning, or parts and accessories, we can help.    


What prestige cars have comfortable seats? 

In an article by hotcars.com, brands like Aston Martin were in 8th and Bentley 2nd. The cars are ranked in order of performance and comfort. Bentleys are stunning cars to drive and be in. Classic slinky lines, luxurious interiors and lush materials create an exclusive experience. 


Performance and Comfort - The list was as follows: 

  1. BMW 850 CSI
  2. Bentley Turbo R
  3. Studebaker Advanti
  4. Mercedes-Benz 600 SEC
  5. ISO Rivolta IR 340
  6. Facel Vega HK500
  7. Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona
  8. Aston Martin DBS/V8 (Is an Aston a good investment?)
  9. Jaguar Series III XJ12
  10. Porsche 928 GTS


What have we learned?

You can do a few things to improve your comfort in high-performance prestige cars. 

One, check your seating position 

Two, consider a lumbar support

Five, exercise to improve muscle condition

Four, change your seat. We can help

Five, choose a car that is more suitable for you. 


Want to change your car, speak to our sales team, we can help you find the vehicle of your dreams, and if it's not for sale, we can source it for you. From the list above, we have Porche, Ferrari, Mercedes and Bentley for purchase, with new inventory arriving all the time. Fancy a test drive; book one on the contact page