Who buys Classic Cars?


Dealers buy classic cars 

Like us! Stratton Motor Company near Norwich are always looking for great inventory. As a prestige and classic car dealer, Stratton Motors can help you sell your classic car or perhaps you are looking for us to find you a vehicle?  

  • We buy classic cars.
  • We source classic cars
  • We can sell your classic car


Individuals buy classic cars.

People like you are looking for classics to own, and some will be traditional classics like a classic Bentley or others prefer modern classics like the lotus' cars we have listed. It is common for enthusiasts to buy a passion project and restore it. To find out more about restoration, check out our lotus restoration article. 

Where can I buy classic cars?

It is always best to use a dealer when buying a classic car. Dealers are experienced in looking for problems and identifying future issues. If Stratton Motor company buy or take a clients car to sell it on their behalf, it goes through an extensive list of checks to ensure that it is fit for sale and meets our exacting requirements.

Where should you buy old classic cars?

You can buy old classic cars from an individual or a classic car dealer. There are benefits from both; however, it depends on your experience and confidence in this area. Your confidence level is questioned, especially when you separate yourself from significant amounts of cash! 

Classic Morgan

What are the benefits of buying from a classic car dealer?

  • You are covered by a warranty
  • The dealer has checked the car for common issues 
  • The dealer will be able to identify future requirements
  • It is unlikely that you will have any immediate issues
  • Peace of mind and a relationship will ensure that your classic car and investment are maintained. 
  • Dealers offer service plans
  • Dealers offer storage options (well, we do!)
  • Dealers can give advice

What are the benefits of buying a classic car from an individual?

  • The price can be lower
  • There is an opportunity to get a good deal
  • The purchase can be unnervingly simple

How to value classic cars

There are many ways to value a car in the same ways you would value a house. For example, how many previous owners, what is the condition like, has the boiler been serviced! 

So, how to value a classic car:

  • How many owners?
  • What is the mileage?
  • What is the service history?
  • Where has it been stored?
  • Has it been upgraded?
  • Is it original?
  • Has it had an accident?
  • Is it hiding anything?
  • Are there signs of repair work?
  • Has it been repainted?
  • How does it compare to similar examples?



Classic Aston Martin


How can Stratton Motor Company help you?  

When buying a classic car, Stratton Motor Company recommendations

We sell a variety of cars in the UK and worldwide. Our team can source you the best market examples and ship globally. The attention to detail and strict review process means you are in very safe hands.

Our inventory ranges from those entering the market to those requiring a specific vehicle for their collection. We also have a variety of rare classic cars and some that were hand-built and present a lifetime of service history dating back over a half-century. 

If you are in the market for a classic car and would like some help and guidance, please speak to our dedicated team, who are always happy to help.