Why it is important to customise cars for our customers?

With a growing number of UK entrepreneurs making it big, wealth is abundant in younger audiences. Our customers are getting more youthful and bringing an apparent change in demands. This change is for more customisation, requiring cars to be uniquely configured and customised to exacting standards. 

In this article, we look at some of the most common customisations in new, secondhand and classic cars. 


How to customise Luxury Cars

There are many ways to customise luxury cars, first you must decide if you are customising a brand new car or a secondhand car. 

Band new customisation: 

This happens during manufacture. We do this with our Lotus cars and can do the same with Morgans and Aston Martins

Secondhand car customisation:

Preowned cars that can still be customised. 

Classic car customisation:

Perhaps more specialist, any customisation should be considered to add value. Our team can help you with adding value. 


The most popular ways to customise a luxury car include: 

Custom paintwork - Pick the colour of your new car or change the colour of your secondhand or classic car. 

Custom wheels - Pick them while designing your new car, or let Stratton Motor Company help you choose some alternative alloy wheels for your car. Custom wheels can also be coloured to suit the look you are going for or a particular period. See aftersales

Custom car interiors - Of course, choosing a custom interior for your new car may be easier, but we can support custom car interiors for other cars within the constraints of the model, materials and budget. Common interior customisations include reupholstering seats and headlining, upgrading dashboards, steering wheels, and door cards. 

Aftermarket add-ons - We can help source aftermarket add-ons; these can include picnic hamper sets for Rolls Royces and Morgans or luggage racks for classic cars. Perhaps you would like headlight upgrades on your Aston. Again, we can provide you with some ideas or facilitate your ideas. 

Performance enhancements - Both new, secondhand, and classic cars can be modified to improve their performance. These changes commonly include improved suspension, engine, exhaust and manifold modifications. In addition, engine remapping can work on prestige and performance cars.  

Ten most popular luxury car brands

  1. Aston Martin
  2. Morgan
  3. Lotus
  4. Bentley
  5. Rolls Royce 
  6. Lamborghini
  7. Porche 
  8. Ferrari
  9. Rangerover 
  10. Jaguar