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In order to protect your investment, Stratton Motor Company employs a dedicated team of professional service technicians, some of whom have over 40 years experience with Aston Martin. It is not unusual for the same technician to tend to a car through several ownerships.

Everybody involved has a “feel” for the cars they are working on, be it a regular service, a partial restoration, or the rebuild of a classic car from the chassis up.

It is important to service your car regularly to ensure it delivers optimum performance and retains its value, especially with an Approved Aston Martin stamp.

All our workshop staff are regularly trained in the latest techniques by Aston Martin at their technical Academy. We have all the latest computerised diagnostic equipment, to ensure that your car maintains its optimum performance. We also use only Genuine Parts, complete with a 12-month warranty, to ensure your car receives the very best service.

We also offer a Service Plan.  For more information on this please select ‘Service Plan’ option from “Servicing and Aftersales’ drop down menu above.  If you would like to discuss the Service Plan further or to book your car in to the workshop please contact our Service Department either by phone on 01508 530491 or by email at

We can also offer covered transportation to collect and and/or deliver your Aston Martin, and can fit in around your busy schedule. Please ask us for a quote.

What happens during a Service?

Oil filters
Your oil and oil filters are replaced each year, ensuring your engine continues to run smoothly and keeping wear and tear to engine components to an absolute minimum.

Pollen filters
Changing your pollen filter regularly helps to keep allergens, pollution and dust in the air from entering your car through the heating and air conditioning system. It is recommended that the pollen filter is changed every 20,000 miles.

Transaxle oils
Transaxle oils are essential for extending life and smooth transition of your car. They must be changed every 40,000 miles.

Brake fluid
Our technicians change your brake fluid on either a one or two year cycle, depending on the model. This is vital to maintain prime braking performance and reduce the corrosion of your car’s braking system.

To optimise cooling system performance, coolant is changed every five years. Only approved anti-freezing and anti-corrosive poducts are used to ensure the coolant does not freeze in cold conditions, or boil in warm conditions.

Air filters
Air filters are essential for preventing dirt from entering your engine. It is recommended that filters are replaced every 30,000 miles on a V8 and 20,000 miles on a V12 engined model, to maintain optimum engine performance and fuel efficiency.