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Wheel Balancer

We are fortunate enough to have the latest tyre fitting and balancing equipment which can solve all sorts of radial force issues associated with tyre uniformity, tyre and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper bead set of tyre to rim.

If you car has been in storage for any period of time, then flatspots on the tryes can be a problem; again our machine can help eliminate these.

This is all useful for extremely low-profile tyres as well as in solving persistent vibration problems. For car owners who want optimum quality, it’s a maintenance service that cannot be overlooked.

Overall it will give you a smoother ride!

Having tyres fitted by us, gives you the piece of mind of factory trained technicians working on your vehicles and ensuring tyres pressures are set to manufacturers specification, wheel nuts tightened to the manufacturers torque settings and tyre pressure monitoring systems are reset.

*Free wheel alignment check when we supply and fit two or more tyres*

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*Adjustments at additional cost